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Welcome to our Online Poker related portal! Here we will give you some key information surrounding online poker and its advantages:

Different online poker games:

If you are new to playing online poker, then we will make it easy to be up and running in no time. Online poker, whether it be Texas Hold Em, one of the variations like Omaha or other games like stud, razz and badugi for example, are all available for you to play anytime online, and it is easy  to find out how all these games are played. In the next couple of pages you will get some tips on some of the individual poker games that can found on the net, and a brief summary of how the games are played.

Whether you choose a poker room or casino, you will find many of your favorite games of online poker can be played at various stake levels, or even for free, so you will be sure to find one that fits your budget.

Why play online poker?

There are a ton of reasons to play poker online, and we break it down and give you some of the best. Not only can you play at home, but you can play anytime of the night and day, for as long as you want, and for as much as you want. Unfortunately in brick and mortar casinos they have a set limit which, especially for beginners, can be quite expensive to learn the game at. As well, it can be very intimidating playing at a live table with seasoned players, whereas online poker allows you to play with people of your skill level, and for the amounts you feel comfortable with, even free, if you desire.

With so many online poker sites available out there it’s not always easy to choose where to play and whether you should go with a flash version (no download) or play with a free poker download. Many believe that the best online poker sites that have the best games, graphics, and speed for play, all need a download, and although this may not always be the case, there are definite advantages to getting the download, and we will explain this a little more in depth.